You’ve been cooking roast potatoes all wrong… you should salt them AFTER they’ve been in the oven for a ‘glass-like crunch’, chef reveals (2024)

THEY'RE the staple of any good roast dinner - but it turns out we've been cooking our potatoes all wrong.

An expert has revealed we should be salting our spuds after they've been in the oven for a "glass-like crunch".


Consumer organisation Choice revealed in a post on Facebook the perfect way to roast potatoes.

"The secret is to break down the starch on the surface of the potato and rough them up a bit to maximise their surface area by par-boiling them and giving them a good shake," their expert wrote.

"But that’s only half the battle – you also need to remove as much moisture as possible, and the best way to do this is to bung your potatoes in the fridge or freezer."

Once boiled, they recommend putting the potatoes straight in the fridge or freezer "to remove moisture and prime them for roasting".

You might think the key to deliciously crispy chips and roast potatoes is a good oven, but it’s actually your fridge....

Posted by CHOICE onWednesday, July 31, 2019

After ten minutes chill time, they advise removing them and tossing them with fat and oil before putting them in the oven.

While most people would salt the spuds at this stage, the group's expert explained why this is actually counter-productive.

"Salt your potatoes at the end of the cooking process - not the start," they wrote on the post.

This is because salt draws moisture from the inside of the potato to the surface - and nobody likes a soggy roast spud.


Following these steps will give a "delicious glass-like crunch" they promise.

Their followers on the social media site were amazed by the handy tips.


One person wrote: "HOW DID I NOT KNOW ANY OF THIS??!!"

Another commented: "Yummo."

A third shared: "This is so interesting."

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You’ve been cooking roast potatoes all wrong… you should salt them AFTER they’ve been in the oven for a ‘glass-like crunch’, chef reveals (2024)
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