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Tofu is such an easy and economical protein to work with. I always have so many people asking about good Tofu recipes for kids and families that I thought I would put together a curated list of easy tofu recipes.

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Why Tofu is awesome for kids

  • Protein-packed and contains nutrients important for growing bodies (calcium, iron).
  • Plant-based eating a plant-based diet has been shown to have health benefits: heart disease,diabetes, andhigh blood pressure
  • Economical, tofu isn't expensive, so once you have learned interesting ways to cook it you will be onto a winner!

Plant-based diets for kids

I love the way Lisa Patel, MD, FAAP and Amanda Millstein, MD, FAAP describe eating a plant-based diet.

"It does not necessarily mean you stop eating all meat or dairy products. It means that the majority of your food comes from plant-based sources such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, beans, and grains."

Their guidelines for a healthy plant-based diet include:

  • Make at least half of your plate vegetablesat lunch and dinner, choosing vegetables that are a variety of colors. Also aim to eat green leafy vegetables at least once per day.
  • Eat smaller amounts of meat or eliminate meataltogether from 1-2 meals per week for your family. Plant-based protein options that can create a filling meal include beans, tofu, lentils, and nuts.
  • Choose healthy fats, which can be found in nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, and olive oils.

Serving Tofu to your kids fits well with these guidelines.

Tofu Recipes For Kids

A collection of delicious kid-friendly tofu recipes I know your whole family will love.

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Tofu Tacos

This tofu taco recipe is delicious, it will be sure to become a family favourite. Vegan Mexican tofu crumbles that taste amazing your family will love this plant-based meal.

Tofu recipes kids love! (3)

Satay Tofu

Delicious baked satay tofu, a vegan recipe which everyone will love, serve on a skewer with my delicious peanut satay sauce

Tofu recipes kids love! (4)


Easy and Crispy Fried Tofu

This Fried Tofu recipe is super simple, versatile, and it tastes fantastic! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it makes a perfect addition to any meal.

Vegan Bolognese. It was about time we veganized the Italian classic. And we’re proud to say we were successful. Please welcome, the amazing Anti Bolognese!

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Air Fryer Asian Tofu Wrap - Instant Pot Tofu

Air Fryer Tofu is so crunchy on the outside and light on the inside. Let me show you how easy it is to make a delicious protein-packed Air Fryer Asian Tofu Wrap that's perfect for quick and healthy lunches, midweek dinners, and packing into lunch boxes.

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Creamy tofu and vegetable vegan mini pies

Creamy, protein packed pie with juicy veg and flaky pastry...and it's all totally plant-based! These tofu and vegetable vegan mini pies are everything you could possibly want from a pie.

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Tofu fingers

These tofu fingers are the perfect alternative to fish sticks or other meaty options. They have a spicy, crisp crumb, a creamy interior and they're totally meat free.

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Kids Protein Shake

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Air Fryer Tofu Nuggets

Air fryer tofu nuggets are a quick and easy meal the whole family will love. Kids will love pairing with their favorite dipping sauce.

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Chocolate Tofu Pudding

This Chocolate Tofu Pudding is a healthy alternative to other pudding recipes. Smooth and chocolatey, it uses some surprising ingredients to achieve an amazing taste and texture

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Tofu Butter Masala Recipe

Tofu butter masala is nothing but a vegan version of paneer butter masala. My vegan version features Tofu simmered in a flavorful tomato and spice base.

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Vegan Fried Brown Rice with Tofu Scramble

This vegan fried brown rice with tofu scramble is easy to make and packed with vegetables and plant-based protein.

his Sticky Maple Ginger Tofu Rice Noodle Bowl with Steamed Broccoli makes for one comforting, nutritious and delicious gluten-free and vegan meal!

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Sweet and Sour Tofu - A Quick Sweet & Sour Tofu Recipe

Make this sweet and sour tofu recipe in under 30 minutes! Crispy tofu and a sticky sweet & sour sauce mimic the classic Chinese takeout dish in this vegetarian friendly meal

One-pot pasta is a simple vegetable and tofu pasta that has been cooked in the same pot. It calls for gluten-free pasta made from legumes

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Crispy Sesame Tofu Recipe

This crispy tofu is a kid-friendly favorite! The sauce is sweet enough to entice kids while still having plenty of complex flavor for adults. Keep the peppers on the side if your kids don't like spice

Tofu makes a great substitute for pasta in this creamy Mac and cheese dish.

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Tofu rainbow rice paper rolls (vegan)

Summery rice paper rolls filled with baked tofu, a homemade hoisin sauce and fresh vegetables of the rainbow! Inspired by Chinese peking duck pancakes, these rolls are light, have a sweet but wholesome sauce and a touch of zesty spring onion

Tofu recipes kids love! (21)


Vegan ricotta and kale filo scrolls

egan spanakopita spirals made with tofu 'ricotta' and greens. Perfect with a side salad or on its own!

Tofu recipes kids love! (2024)
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