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by Anmol Kalro | January 28, 2023 | 4 mins read

Teen Boy Bedroom Design Ideas Your Home | DesignCafe (1)

A modern vivacious bedroom design for a teen boy that caters to his every need.

There’s a whole lot to consider while designing your teen boy’s bedroom. Adolescence: The age of transformation. One day, it’s all about beyblades and hotwheels and before you know it, they’re into gaming, sports and actual race cars! So needless to say that relying on your teen boy’s current whims and fancies is not the best idea when it comes to designing their bedroom. It’s a long term expense afterall, so you might want to give it more thought. Balance is key. It is an age of self-development after all and more of it happens within these four walls of solitude. A space he’s going to want to flaunt to his cousins and friends and also be left alone to grow with his thoughts. There’s gotta be enough room for a study, enough storage space for books, toys and any potential hobbies he might develop in his late teens.

Designing a bedroom is no petty cash expense, so you don’t want to be re-doing the entire design soon. It’s got to be vibrant and colourful enough to be a teen’s room but not kiddish enough to have to re-decorate it in its entirety in only a couple of years. Boy does that sound like a lot of work! But we’re here to make things a whole lot simpler. For starters, we suggest ditching cartoon themes for your teen boy’s bedroom. There’s going to be a new favorite every year and it makes little sense to re-do bedroom interiors so often.

What makes this the ideal design for a teen boy’s bedroom?

Enclosed within this compact space, is quite literally, everything a teenager must have. The colours of the room are vibrant, with a soft honey orange stealing the show. A blue world map makes for the perfect wallpaper for a teenager to know his capitals and for a young adult to map his bucket-list countries. Did you know that just looking at the colour blue for a couple of minutes everyday could calm your mind and invoke your happy juices? Well, it’s true. The use of white as one of the prime colours makes for a smart choice. This way, you don’t have to re-paint after a couple of years when your young boy is all grown up (which you will have to do if you went with a bright shade of tangerine yellow! Think about it.)

To amp up the space with illumination are cove lights in the ceiling niches that utterly steal the show! The large window ensures that the small space has enough light to get all those creative juices flowing. But what about storage? How many cabinets are enough cabinets? You need to realise that teenagers hoard books. And stationary. And (maybe) even toys. So enough storage is crucial. You can have ample units even with a small space like this with the right planning. To finish up the your teen boy’s bedroom design are wooden floors that perfectly blend in with the rest of the colours, making the room look mighty stylish. Besides giving this bedroom’s interiors a boost, wooden flooring ensures better quality indoor air. Children can be messy after playtime. Mess equals allergies, so you’d be glad to know that wooden floors don’t absorb dust and pollutants like carpeted floors do. Win-win.

It can be difficult to incorporate a study, a bed and still leave room for recreation, especially with square footage being a restriction. But this room shows you exactly how a lack of space is a mere mindset. You can conquer the smallest spaces with perfect placement. We often associate a study table with all things curriculum. A space to unwind, read a novel perhaps or listen to soft music is just as important. The sitting area beside the window is perfect for your teen boy’s ‘me-time’ spot, wouldn’t you say? The bedroom design is an impeccable example of finding balance while still ensuring that your child has a swanky bedroom.

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Teen Boy Bedroom Design Ideas Your Home | DesignCafe (2)

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