Sugaring for Athletes — Sugar Plum: The Sugaring Experts (2024)

Athletes can benefit greatly from sugaring.

Removing hair reduces:

  • Chafing and rashes associated with sweat held close to the body

  • Distraction, discomfort and infections from ingrown hairs

  • Hair that can trap heat against the skin

This allows:

  • Tighter fit for padding and clothing

  • Longer endurance

  • Reduced friction

We have found that those with thick, curly hair see the most noticeable results.The thick roots hold sweat to the skin and increase chafing.Curly hair is more prone to ingrown hairs.

Some athletes have tried dealing with their hair by shaving. This increases the chance of ingrown hair and the roots still hold moisture to the skin contributing to sweating and chafing.

Sugaring is often compared to waxing, but has several dramatic advantages:

  • LESS painful

  • less inflammation and bleeding

  • no risk of removing skin, particularly from areas with very thin skin like the Scrotum.

We can Sugar nearly any area of the body.The process is somewhat painful (you're removing hair by the roots) but the results are amazing.Most people find that the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.

"My soccer game has gotten so much better this week. Who knew sweaty balls just slow you down." - Sugar Plum Egyptian Guest


If it's your first time with Sugar Plum, please read over our First Time Guestspage. First-time guestsmust provide a valid ID that matches the payment card they plan to use.

When booking online for two or more hours, services must be split up for best safety practices for our sugaring technicians. If you have questions or concerns about scheduling, please contact our Customer Care at (206) 512-3033.

We also offer a Complimentary Consultation,a free fifteen-minute service if you'd like to talk with a sugaring technician before you schedule your hair removal service.

All studios are Cashless, accepting only credit card payments.

Sugaring for Athletes — Sugar Plum: The Sugaring Experts (2024)
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