Invasive Species Technician (2024)

North Country Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (NCCISMA) has 1 opening for an Invasive Species Management Technician. This position will work as part of a 5-person team and independently, performing invasive species management in the field over a six-county area including Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Missaukee, Osceola, and Wexford Counties.

Terms and Benefits:

  • Full-time, (40hrs/week), permanent position, dependent on continued grant funding
  • Pay Rate: $18-22 per hour
  • Duty location: Cadillac, MI
  • Start date: Mid-August, 2024
  • Some travel using personal vehicle will be required, with mileage reimbursed
  • Benefits include paid federal holidays and vacation/sick leave, IRA with employer match, health insurance with employer-shared premiums

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform invasive species management activities in the field using mechanical and chemical methods
  • Act as back-up Field Crew Lead, assisting field crew as needed
  • Work with Program Coordinator to develop invasive species management plans based on survey data and known Best Management Practices
  • Conduct botanical surveys, field mapping, and treatment site monitoring, as instructed by NCCISMA Program Coordinator
  • Record field data using handheld tablets with ESRI Field Maps, datasheets, GPS units, hand-drawn field maps, and the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) phone app or website
  • Maintain invasive species inventory and treatment tracking spreadsheet according to NCCISMA Program Coordinator specifications
  • Coordinate inventory, purchasing, repair, and management of field crew supplies
  • Interact with the public (via site visits, phone calls, email) in response to any inquiries regarding high priority species, best management practices, for-hire programs and general invasive species awareness
  • Lead weekly staff meetings; help field crew manage and prioritize field work
  • Ensure that all laws and safety procedures are being followed by field staff
  • Perform private property searches using reference maps and county equalization data to determine land ownership and contact information for invasive species control sites
  • Obtain, and maintain records of MDOT, road commission, and DNR permits, property owner permissions, and confirmation of property ownership related to invasive species survey and management activities performed by NCCISMA staff
  • Ensure legal notifications of treatments are provided to the appropriate parties, as required by law
  • Hold primary responsibility for GIS applications, including producing maps for grant and permit applications/reporting, bid requests for contractors, preparing layers needed for offline reporting by field staff, and ensuring Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program (MISGP) required Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) reporting is completed accurately
  • Administer for-hire program (or delegate to Crew Lead where necessary), including ensuring jobs are quoted accurately, appropriate treatments are employed, legal notifications are provided, and timely follow-up correspondence with program participants occurs
  • Maintain and update NCCISMA’s field protocol manual
  • Ensure that Aquatic Nuisance Control (ANC) Certificates of Coverage are in place with accurate and up-to-date treatment locations and chemicals, and provide timely submission of year-end reporting
  • Apply for National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits and manage data tabulations for end-of-year reporting, with assistance from Coordinator
  • In tandem with Program Outreach Specialist, act as secretary for NCCISMA Steering Committee meetings, compiling minutes and recording all motions
  • Maintain and repair field equipment including, but not limited to, backpack sprayers, outboard motor and chainsaw
  • Cooperate with partner field crews, acting as team lead or crew member as needed
  • Other duties as assigned, including assisting NCCISMA Coordinator with demonstrations to landowners, presentations, volunteer work days, workshops and other outreach events

Required Education and Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in botany, conservation biology, ecology, environmental science, or a related field and preferably 2 seasons of related experience
  • Background in natural resource management, preferably in invasive species management
  • Experience with ArcMap, ESRI products, Field Maps or similar GIS software
  • Must be a Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator in the categories of Right-of-Way, Aquatics, Forestry and Ornamentals; otherwise must be willing and able to study for and pass exams for certification in these categories within the first month of employment. Study materials and time will be provided.
  • Exhibit strong verbal and written communication skills when working with any and all demographic groups
  • Hold a valid driver's license, have a good driving record, and a reliable vehicle
  • Proven effective team player, with evidence of project management skills
  • Capable and comfortable to work independently outdoors in remote areas and on office project. Field work occurs in all weather conditions and terrain (including steep sand dunes, wetlands, roadsides, etc) where contact with stinging insects and hazardous plants is likely to occur
  • Reliable with a history of strong organizational skills, and an exceptional work ethic
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and Google Suite programs

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience safely mixing, storing, and applying herbicides
  • Experience working with handheld gardening tools, backpack sprayers, hand-held sprayers, and herbicides to manage invasive plants
  • Experience using and maintaining hand and power tools, outboard motors and completing their required maintenance or ability to quickly learn
  • Strong knowledge of plant identification of Michigan native and regional invasive species preferred; otherwise must be willing and able to quickly learn to identify NCCISMA high-priority invasive plant species
  • Must become an Approved Trainer for the Michigan Commercial pesticide Registered Technician applicator program; assist Program Coordinator in implementing NCCISMA’s Registered Technician training program

Other Considerations:

  • Comfortable safely mixing and applying chemical herbicides daily
  • Able to lift and safely carry a 32lb backpack sprayer across uneven or saturated terrain
  • Confidence in effectively speaking with people from a variety of demographics
  • First Aid and CPR certification preferred
  • Use of personal smartphone will be required

How To Apply:

Submit a cover letter, resume, college transcripts (unofficial are acceptable), and 3 references to Zach Peklo, NCCISMA Program Coordinator, at [emailprotected]. Please submit application documents as PDF files, and state “Application: Invasive Species Technician” in the subject line of the email. Contact NCCISMA with any questions at (231) 429-5072.

Invasive Species Technician (2024)
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