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The Card Designer Spotlight is a series featuring independent makers whose greeting cards you can find in Paper Source stores. Meet and be inspired by a new designer every month on our blog!

This month we want to introduce our card designer Brittany Paige of Brittany Paige Designs. Find out how Brittany has turned her love for all things pop culture and trendy moments into a stationery and gift business that brings people together.

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How did you begin your card-making career?

Born out of an obsession with pop culture and while navigating early adulthood in New York City, I started my business with just six greeting cards (all centered around break-ups). During the nights and weekends of my corporate design job in the fashion industry, I started illustrating cards that reflected my personal interests and social trends. Side hustle eventually turned full-time gig, those six OG cards have grown into the stationery and gift business that you see today — a brand that creates gifts for the girls that get it.

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Where do you draw inspiration from?

When I was first starting out, a lot of my inspirationwas drawn from my friends (single twenty-somethings really do say the darndestthings!) However as the business grew and developed, I began searching beyond just my social circle for inspiration. This is why you’ll see a variety of references throughout the entire product line, including celebrities, viral social media trends, political statements and more.

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What does your day look like as a card maker and designer?

My day to day varies greatly as a card designer and I wouldn’t want it any other way! One of the greatest perks of being your own boss is the flexibility that it allows. I have two types of days — “creative days” and “regular days.” If it’s a regular day, I’ll typically start my day with exercise and then do backend tasks such as answering emails, invoicing, ordering inventory, managing purchase orders, planning social content, etc. However, if it’s a “creative day,” then I have to completely block off the entire day. Basically, I have to allow for the least amount of distractions so I can actually produce ideas and illustrate. I find that I have a limited window to work creatively, and even scheduling a morning workout class, can throw me off!

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What is your preferred medium?
I love using the Procreate app on my iPad. When I first started my business, everything was illustrated using pen and ink. I was first introduced to Procreate at one of my corporate design jobs. Although I was originally hesitant to use it, I never looked back once I did.

What does your creative process look like?
It completely varies! I release big card collections twice a year and I start that process about 6 months in advance. Sometimes it’s very analytical – I look at my entire collection and see what “holes” we’re missing (Do I not have a ton of mother’s day cards? Did we have to discontinue some birthday cards because the trend passed?) I’ll use that knowledge and try to design into those needs. However because my brand is trendy and often chases after major pop culture moments, often something will happen in the media, and I’m completely inspired to drop everything and create a card around that specific trend.

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What are you most proud of as a creator and card maker?
There’s so much to be proud of! I recently hit the milestone of our products being stocked in over 1,000 retailers worldwide. That was a huge accomplishment that I had been working towards for the last five years! This past year I also hired my mom to work full-time in the business. Being able to hire my family members was a goal of mine from when I first started the business in 2018 — so that one really felt special. But I will say, seeing Simone Biles use one of our stickers on her water bottle was super sweet too!

Any personal tidbits? Special talents/fun facts?
I have a golden lab named Crosby, who is slightly overweight but the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. My vice is teen drama tv shows — OTH, GG, TVD, TSTIP, The OC. I collect matchbooks at every restaurant I dine at. I love to read. I don’t drink coffee but I love the occasional diet co*ke!

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Find Brittany Paige Design cards, such as Espresso Martini Love Card and Girl Dinner Birthday Card at your local store or online at For more inspiration and behind-the-scenes action, follow @brittanypaigedeisngs on IG.


Brittany Paige Designs - Paper Source Blog (2024)
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