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A small bathroom is certainly a challenge. Between fitting all of the fixtures in, making sure it's functional and leaving enough space to move about, it can seem almost impossible to have it all. But the good news is it is possible with some creativity, design ingenuity, and simple fixes.

Not only can you have everything you desire in your small bathroom, you can also use the size to your advantage if you're big on style. According to HGTV, these rooms are the perfect opportunity to splurge on design and decor. Less square footage amounts to less investment, so it's more of an incentive to go for that extravagant tile or vanity you've been eyeing.

Ahead, you'll find 50 ideas to give your small bathroom the appearance of being bigger than it is. Whether you're remodeling it, building it from scratch, or just making cosmetic updates, any of the following solutions will give you the inspiration you need.

1. Lighten up the walls

The first rule of thumb in making any space seem larger is to keep the walls as light as possible. Whether it's the paint or the tile, opt for white to keep the bathroom bright.

2. Keep the floors light

If you want to infuse a bit of color into the walls or even the vanity, consider keeping the floor tiles a lighter color. It will visually expand the walking space in a small bathroom.

3. Establish an overall light palette

As you may have already guessed, when in doubt, stick with a light color scheme throughout the whole bathroom. Pick any shade of white for the walls, flooring, and all of the fixtures.

4. Infuse natural accents

Natural accents such as wood, seagrass, and bamboo add warmth to any space. A small bathroom is the perfect opportunity to infuse some of these elements, giving it a spa-like feel.

5. Embrace a minimalist style

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Jeremy Bezanger/UnSplash

Minimalism is essential for a small space. In addition to keeping clutter at a minimum, embracing a simple style for your bathroom makes it feel less crowded and more open.

6. Hang floating shelves

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Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock

Use your vertical space to your advantage. Hang floating shelves to give you additional storage without sacrificing any square footage.

7. Install a medicine cabinet

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Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock

While you may see trends leaning towards hanging regular mirrors above the sink, it limits the amount of storage you could have. Installing a mirrored medicine cabinet is the best of both worlds— especially if there is little room on the countertop or in the vanity drawers.

8. Use a ledge

If you prefer to hang a mirror but need a spot for your everyday essentials, consider installing a ledge just above your sink. Similar to floating shelves, this gives you additional storage without actually sacrificing any space.

9. Take advantage of the toilet

The top of the toilet is a prime spot to take advantage of in a small bathroom. Use a basket or a tray to corral extra rolls of toilet paper, tissues, or a candle. It adds a bit of personality while adding functionality.

10. Ditch the bulky vanity

There's no need for a large vanity in a small bathroom. Opt for a pedestal or console sink instead. The slimmer fixture will take up little space and give the illusion of a bigger room.

11. Consider a floating vanity

A unique alternative to a floor-mounted vanity is a floating one. This is particularly helpful if you'd like to store a hamper or basket with extra towels as it easily slides underneath.

12. Put the sink in the corner

A sink placed in the corner may seem like an odd idea but, in a very small bathroom, it's a life saver. Install the sink in an easy-to-access corner of the bathroom and watch the space open up.

13. Add a towel bar

A towel bar is a necessity in any bathroom, but it can take up space much needed wall space. The solution? Hang one on the side of the vanity so that it's out of the way but within reach.

14. Roll your towels

Rolling the extra bath and hand towels not only looks like you've walked into the spa, it also saves space in your small bathroom. Use a basket or an open shelf to display them for easy access.

15. Lean a ladder

Incorporating this popular living room trend into your small bathroom ups the design element and saves you space. Instead of folding blankets over the rungs, use it to display extra towels.

16. Befriend baskets

Hiding visual clutter is crucial in a small room. Keep toiletries, extra toilet paper, or towels in baskets to keep the design look as minimal as possible.

17. Hide the extra TP

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New Africa/Shutterstock

Instead of the conventional toilet paper holder seen in many bathrooms, skip it and save some floor space. Use drawers, cabinets, or even baskets (as just mentioned) to store the extra rolls.

18. Carve out a shower niche

Small bathrooms usually equal small showers. Give yourself some extra room while scrubbing yourself by installing a recessed niche to hold products such as your shampoo and body wash.

19. Match your toiletries

Whether it's in the shower or on the countertop, matching bottles gives a streamlined look. Splurge on matching containers to fill with your products. As a bonus, this is helpful if you frequently buy in bulk (which is great for the environment andyour pocketbook).

20. Opt for a glass shower door

In lieu of a traditional shower curtain and rod, which visually divides the bathroom, choose a glass shower door. This opens the whole space, making it appear much larger.

21. Choose a small tub

Even if you have a small bathroom, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy little luxuries. You can still have your nightly baths, just be sure to choose a small tub to fit in the space.

22. Extend tile into the shower

By installing tile that extends throughout the whole bathroom, including the shower, it gives a cohesiveness to the space. It tricks the eye into making the room seem bigger than it is.

23. Create a wet room

A popular method to finding more space when it comes to the shower is to create a wetroom. The shower floor is at the same level as the rest of the bathroom, giving the room an overall sleek look.

24. Lay a tub tray

50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Seem Bigger - House Digest (25)

New Africa/Shutterstock

Whether in use or not, laying a bathtub tray down gives an elegant feel to the bathroom and provides additional storage space for salts, scrubs, and soaps.

25. Incorporate built-in shelves

Built-in shelving works two-fold: It gives you a lot of extra storage and it adds unique character to the bathroom.

26. Consider a sliding door

50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Seem Bigger - House Digest (27)

my_ photos/Shutterstock

If the bathroom is particularly tiny, then consider alternatives to a regular door. A sliding barn or pocket door makes a significant difference in how big the room feels.

27. Curve the fixtures

Save yourself from bumping into the toilet, sink, and shower in a small bathroom by choosing ones that are curved rather than rectangular.

28. Install a streamlined vanity

A vanity with no handles or knobs means there are less things to bump into or get snagged on your clothes. Not only that, choosing a vanity without hardware gives a seamless, contemporary look to a small bathroom.

29. Add luxury accents

If you don't have space for even a small tub, you can still give your small bathroom a spa look and feel. Install a rainfall shower head and hang dried eucalyptus leaves, which will make it smell luxurious.

30. Match the fixtures

50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Seem Bigger - House Digest (31)

Laurence Katz/UnSplash

Tying a room together makes it seem bigger than it is. Use cohesiveness to your advantage and match all of the fixtures from the faucet to the toilet-paper holder in your favorite finish.

31. Mount the faucet

Save space by mounting the faucet and handles to the wall rather than the countertop. This method also allows you to have a basin sink, which adds some serious style to a small bathroom.

32. Install task lighting

Lighting is an important element in making a room seem bigger and brighter. Install task lighting above the sink (or wherever you need) to shed a little extra light in the bathroom.

33. Think about a skylight

If it's possible, install a skylight to really open up the room. The natural light goes a long way in making the bathroom look larger.

34. Enlarge the mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and expand a space using illusion. So, go as big as possible when it comes to picking out a bathroom mirror to hang.

35. Backlight mirrors

As already noted, adding any extra lighting to a small bathroom is always a good idea. If natural light is lacking, look for a backlit mirror to hang over the vanity.

36. Consider a mirrored wall

50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Seem Bigger - House Digest (37)

Samantha Ward/iStock

We know that mirrors create an illusion of a bigger space. Consider creating a mirrored backsplash behind the sink, or even putting a mirror on an entire wall.

37. Use horizontal lines to your advantage

Stripes are also a simple way to trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it is. Whether using shiplap, paint, wallpaper, or tiles, try using horizontal lines to widen the bathroom.

38. Create an accent wall

A petite bathroom is the perfect place to show off a unique style on a small scale. Use the opportunity to add an accent wall in your favorite color or pattern and create a jewel-box space.

39. Go bold with design

If an accent wall isn't enough of a daring move for you, make bold design choices throughout the entire bathroom. Get creative with colors, patterns, and fixtures, and watch how it detracts from the size of the space.

40. Go wild with tile

Smaller square footage means you can have high-quality accents, such as tile, on a budget. Take advantage of that and opt for a design you really want that you may otherwise have been unable to afford.

41. Go tall with tile

Just like horizontal lines create the illusion of a wider bathroom, floor-to-ceiling tiles heighten the space— especially when done in a monochromatic color palette.

42. Darken the palette

While it contradicts the notion that light colors are best for enlarging the feel of a space, don't completely write off a dark palette. By darkening a small bathroom, you can create depth, and give a different (yet still effective) type of an illusion.

43. Paint with high gloss

A high-gloss paint, no matter the color choice, reflects light within a small space. As a bonus, it's moisture resistant and easier to clean than most other types of paint.

44. Hang the shower curtain as high as possible

By placing the rod and the curtain as close to the ceiling as possible, you create the illusion of the bathroom being much taller and more grandiose than it actually is.

45. Avoid blocking the windows

While privacy is a concern when it comes to any bathroom, allowing natural light to come in through the windows is also important. Don't worry, you don't need to worry about peeping Toms. Simply use film or light, sheer curtains that allow the light to flow in while keeping prying eyes out.

46. Decorate with greenery

Plants add life no matter where they're placed. Use a small bathroom to show off your green thumb and give it an airy look and feel.

47. Introduce a gallery wall

50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Seem Bigger - House Digest (48)

Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock

Whether it's family photos or beloved artwork, you can turn a wall of your small bathroom into a mini gallery. This personalizes the space and gives the eye something to focus on other than the size of the space.

48. Utilize a tray

Corral your everyday items onto a small tray to keep things looking tidy in a tiny bathroom. It also lends a layer of elegance to the space.

49. Put up hooks

Make the most out of the vertical space in a small bathroom by hanging hooks for towels and robes. Whether they're on the wall or the back of the door, hooks keep things off of the floor.

50. Declutter daily

Keeping a small bathroom as clutter free as possible will go a long way in maximizing the size of it. Store a hamper for dirty clothes or towels and get in the habit of putting things away as soon as you're done using them.

50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Space Seem Bigger - House Digest (2024)
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